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  • “Laziness is a vine that chokes your growth over time.” – Master Rick Rando




Master Rick Rando is passionate about inspiring people to become "fire-starters." He wants self-motivation and “leadership by example” to sweep every business, non-profit, academic organization, and family unit throughout the world, making our daily interactions positive and valuable. Rando accomplishes this through his work as an author, keynote empowerment speaker, CEO, philanthropist, martial arts master, and leadership mentor. Master Rick Rando’s mission: to Kickstart the Confident Leader in YOU!


Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Master Rick Rando

  • 1.   25+ Years of Experience connecting with audiences domestically and internationally.
  • 2.   Impactful Story Teller which drives key points home on an emotional level.
  • 3.   Extremely Versatile inspiring audiences from elementary school children to executives.
  • 4.   Able to Inspire even the most unmotivated individual with a positive message.
  • 5.   Highly Energetic which fires-up the audience from humorous and insightful keynotes.
  • 6.   Customized Presentations which follow research of your industry and audience.
  • 7.   Fast Moving, Rapid-fire Presentations full of practical solutions through life perspective.
  • 8.   Immerses your Guests in visually appealing and highly interactive presentations.
  • 9.   Passionately Facilitates audience breakthroughs through humble self-reflection.
  • 10. Exceeds Expectations and always finds a way to over-deliver.

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  • “Keynote Speaker Master Rick Rando engaged and motivated our team members throughout our annual Pennsylvania/Maryland Safety Team Summit for Columbia Gas. Communicating the importance of dedication, persistence, and hard work, Master Rando’s electricity and motivational words inspired our personnel to focus on their safety awareness efforts and take our corporate safety performance to new levels. Columbia Gas, a Division of NiSource, would recommend Master Rando to any organization or group that wishes to challenge their people to be team players rather unengaged underachievers. The feedback we received from the event was entirely positive and every single employee in the room left excited to conquer any challenge that lies ahead. I strongly advocate Master Rick Rando’s presentation to anyone who is ready to improve themselves, both personally and on the job”.

    - Mr. Kerry Puffinburger (HS&E Coordinator)
  • “My leaders left challenged and inspired to raise the bar at my business.  Master Rick Rando’s fun and thoughtful approach to teaching leadership principles that matter, was exactly what we needed to take our performance to the next level.  Thank you for your attention to excellence Master Rando…you are definitely a ‘fire-starter!’”

    - Mr. Bill Boyer (Owner of Chick-fil-A at the Country Club Mall)
  • “Master Rando visited Frankfort High School in the spring of 2017, speaking to our 9th-11th grades. His message on ‘Empowering Oneself’ was amazing. Knowing who you are and being true to yourself was one key point that hit home quickly with our student body. Being a ‘fire-starter’ and not an ‘energy-sucker’ was a stand-out component that was quite powerful as well. Extinguishing entitlement was another avenue that led to…‘no one is entitled to anything…working hard is what gets you to where you want to be.’ And finally, the one characteristic that resonated with our faculty and students at FHS was serving others. In the words of Master Rando: ‘Success follows those who serve others.’

    This man kept the audience enthralled and focused during his entire presentation. He used anecdotes, a bit of comedy, and personal experiences to share his message with the students and pique their interest. In fact, you could hear a pin drop when he was storytelling. His message was positive and uplifting for young adults; and our hope is that Master Rando’s content will help change lives, one student at a time.”

    - Mrs. Kelly R. Haines (Assistant Principal)
  • “We really didn’t know what to expect. We’re a bakery and not really the most physical bunch of people in terms of our work. Master Rick Rando is an incredible speaker. He is very motivating and makes you feel like you can do anything. By the end of 45 minutes, he had us breaking boards with karate chops with our hands and it was one of the most amazing things that we’ve ever done! It was awesome! We were all cheering each other on and by the end of the day we felt like we could break bricks with our heads. We were so proud of ourselves that we quickly loaded our pictures up on Facebook for everyone to see! The Kick Masters program is really extraordinary. They do so much for the community and I’m so glad that we connected with them.”

    - Ms. Mary Alice (Charm City Cakes, Baltimore, MD - Food Network's: Ace of Cakes)
  • “Keyser Primary School was honored to have Master Rick Rando visit and speak with our entire student body. He did a wonderful job with his lively, engaging presentations of Stranger Safety and the ‘5 Keys to Succeed!’ His interactions with the students were priceless and the students really enjoyed his enthusiasm and how much he truly cared about the things they had to say. Since his presentation, many of our students and teachers have been practicing some of his key points including being ‘fire-starters’ instead of ‘energy-suckers,’ showing a ‘Level 10’ posture, and going out of their way to show kindness to others. We can’t wait to have Master Rando back at KPS!”

    - Mrs. Ashley Steckman (Title I Reading Specialist)