Daily Takeaway

  • “Pay attention young people: there’s perpetual wisdom all around us…it’s called life experience!” – Master Rick Rando


Build Dreams, Not Excuses

Master Rick Rando has been guiding young people and speaking in schools for over 26 years. His enthusiastic, playfully humorous approach to learning is evident when he wholeheartedly connects with smiling, eager members of his audience. Students and their educators alike walk away from his presentations with concrete, tangible applications of life-lessons, and a renewed commitment to becoming responsible, respectful leaders in their community. With well over two thousand speaking engagements/seminars under his “belt”, he’ll be sure to kickstart the academic year into becoming the best one yet!



“Winners Work”

It’s the first month of school and everyone’s trying to find their footing! Educators are establishing routines and expectations, while students are trying to navigate through the intricacies of various course syllabi. In this 45-minute presentation, Master Rando reinforces the culture of a Winners Work mentality. He utilizes current news and pop-culture to tie daily life back to bedrock principles of character, honor, and work ethic. All this is done while refocusing student summer energy to prepare for a fantastic academic school year.

“Master Rando’s message to our students was delivered with passion, enthusiasm, and humor. He was engaging and interactive with our teens, as he delivered a challenge to them to work toward high goals and to settle for nothing less than their best efforts at all times. He encouraged the students to be respectful of others, to face every day with a positive attitude, and to remember that each day is an opportunity to reach their goals. It was truly inspiring!”

Mr. Gene Morgan (Principal of Mountain Ridge High School)

“Build Dreams, Not Excuses!”


In 2008, Master Rick Rando built one of the largest, open-spaced martial arts studios in the world. But it didn’t start with the first shovel of dirt. In this 45-minute assembly, Rando talks about “drive” and “focus,” two very important character elements missing in most of today’s youth. Learn the secrets to goal setting, and learn the impetuous behind his popular phrase, “You want? You work!”

“Thank you so much for speaking to my Professional Development group of students at Frostburg State University. My students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Master Rando, you are truly an inspirational and motivational leader. I value your words as they are real life examples of your success, your history, and what the future holds for you. To continue to strive for better things whether that is through innovation or technology – it clearly demonstrates that you are someone to pursue and push for simply the best. This was clearly a great message to young inspiring students. In speaking to my class you were able to encourage them through your words of wisdom and discipline. You spoke about the importance of community and networking and I admire your dedication to both. You are a great role model and set forth a superior example, to people of all ages. Thank you again!””

Mrs. Jodi D. McClintock (Professor at Frostburg State University)

“5 Keys to Succeed”


Ongoing research suggests structure is the key to develop confident leaders in school, at home, and in our community. In this 45-minute presentation, Master Rando lays out his 5-Keys to Succeed in all three areas, including being Respectful, Polite, Organized, Accountable, and “Level 10” (doing your absolute best at all times). Audience members are utilized throughout this presentation and are given certificates as they help demonstrate the 5-keys to a happier, healthier future!

“Thanks so much for the awesome presentation for our kids here at the Center for Career and Technical Education. I feel the students heard your message about gaining an understanding of who they are, the importance of planning and respect, and tapping into their inner ‘fire-starter’. Our kids needed to hear that message today, and I can’t think of anyone who could have delivered it better than someone with your energy. I look forward to continued work with you for our kids in the future!”

Mrs. Candy Canan (Principal of the Center for Career and Technical Education)

“Finishing Strong”


It’s May/June and the students (and some teachers) have already checked out for the school year. What do they desperately need….re-energized, re-invigorated, refocused for the last few weeks of learning. Utilized at the end of the school year, this 45-minute presentation emphasizes the importance of finishing the school year strong without celebrating the laziness of summer. As usual, Rando uses “edutainment” as a core reinforce for his interactive message.

“When I contacted Master Rando, he immediately had many ideas that we could and how we could incorporate the activities into life and basketball. During our hour session, we were involved in activities that included team work, strategy and leadership, along with life lessons that would help my players in the future. They are now always using his terms of being a ‘Fire Starter’ or an ‘Energy Sucker’, which has caused our players to understand how important their attitude can impact the team. This day has been the best experience that I have been able to provide for my players outside of basketball.”

Mr. Charlie Grove (Mountain Ridge High School’s Girls Basketball Coach)

Schools/Organizations I’ve Previously Worked With:

  • Accident Library
  • Allegany County’s Project YES
  • Allegany High School*
  • Archway Station of Allegany County*
  • Bishop Walsh Middle and High School*
  • Braddock Middle School*
  • Broad Ford Middle School*
  • Calvary Christian Academy*
  • Center for Career and Technical Education*
  • DE-DC-MD and WV Associations of Student Financial Aid Administrators Conference
  • Eckhart United Methodist Church*
  • Fort Hill High School
  • Frankfort High School*
  • Frankfort Intermediate School*
  • Frostburg Library
  • Frostburg State University*
  • Garrett College Fall Expo*
  • George’s Creek Library
  • Grantsville Library*
  • Independent Living Skills with Allegany County Foster Care
  • Lake Butler Middle School
  • LaVale Library*
  • Lighthouse Christian Academy*
  • Memorial Heights Baptist Church
  • Meyersdale Library*
  • Mt. Ridge High School*
  • Mt. Savage Middle School*
  • Oakland Library
  • Potomac State College, WV (Upward Bound Program)*
  • Salisbury High School*
  • The Jefferson School*
  • Trinity Assembly of God
  • Union County High School
  • Washington Middle School*
  • Welsh Memorial Baptist Church*
  • Westmar Middle School*
  • Westmar High School*

* Proudly worked with multiple times!