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  • “You don’t need the weight of regret. Never, ever give up!” – Master Rick Rando

Corporate Speaking

Kickstarting Confident Leaders!

Master Rick Rando’s experience in business culminates not only on the martial arts training floor, but in mentoring executives and middle management in the corporate world. While still in his teens, he ascended into a position of leadership in the martial arts community, and learned very quickly the value of leading by example. This, combined with the concept of teamwork through practicing servant cohesiveness, blends together a powerful “Black Belt Leadership” model of success. With well over two thousand speaking engagements/seminars under his “belt,” he’ll be sure to kickstart the ascension of confident leaders in your organization.


“Leadership with a Kick”


Do your team leaders need a little “kick” from time to time? Are they ALWAYS performing at the top of their game? Master Rando explains his 5 Leadership Power Concepts in easy to understand, easy to implement, speak-easy terms. With a “service leadership” base, these simple concepts highlight philosophies such as “leading by example”, “facilitating top-down accountability”, “efficiency through experience,” and the notion that “demonstrating powerful passion breeds powerful passionate performances.” This 90-minute seminar culminates with full audience participation and “leadership board breaking” by Master Rando himself. It’s a visually symbolic representation of mastering dynamic leadership with a “kick!”

“Keynote Speaker Master Rick Rando engaged and motivated our team members throughout our annual Pennsylvania/Maryland Safety Team Summit for Columbia Gas. Communicating the importance of dedication, persistence, and hard work, Master Rando’s electricity and motivational words inspired our personnel to focus on their safety awareness efforts and take our corporate safety performance to new levels. Columbia Gas, a Division of NiSource, would recommend Master Rando to any organization or group that wishes to challenge their people to be team players rather unengaged underachievers. The feedback we received from the event was entirely positive and every single employee in the room left excited to conquer any challenge that lies ahead. I strongly advocate Master Rick Rando’s presentation to anyone who is ready to improve themselves, both personally and on the job”

Mr. Kerry Puffinburger (Columbia Gas/NiSource, HS&E Coordinator)

“The Fine Art of Developing Your Brand”

What’s in YOUR brand? What comes to mind when your business is mentioned at PTA meetings, Christmas parties, or at other prolific social functions? Learn the importance and effectiveness of “stronghold branding” and help to distinguish your organization from the other 4,000 brand messages potential clients are exposed to each week. Stand out with the fine art of branding through your business.

“It was truly a pleasure attending team building with Kick Masters Karate’s Master Rick Rando. The events and exercises were engaging, knowledge filled, and extremely well organized. As an executive, the tools and lessons learned during the exercises have crossed over and had a positive impact in both my personal and professional relationships. This was a fun and amazing experience that we will absolutely repeat with our entire management team yearly. It was great to see the leaders and managers in our organization work together, build relationships, and enhance their leadership abilities. We are amazed at the results already!”

Mrs. Chelsea Boyle (COO Flagship Rehabilitation Services)

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“Corporate Tribes…Time to Thrive!”


So who’s in your “tribe?” Do you have hunters and gatherers? Do you have elders? Do you have a medicine man? The buzzword “tribe” is all over the commercial world. It often refers to one’s associates, clients, team members, and business partners. The corporate catchphrase is “your vibe attracts your tribe.” But what exactly does this mean for thriving in a successful work environment? How do we assemble a “success tribe” and how do we know who’s right for membership? This 75 minute seminar will specifically lay out foundations for helping you create a cohesive, synergized “Success Tribe”.

Remember the old adage, “Teamwork makes the dream work?” Well in your world, “Successful tribes will make you thrive!”

“Master Rick Rando has delivered great speaking engagements for me and others at Garrett College on a number of occasions. In addition to speaking to local entrepreneurs and others at our annual Power of Possibilities Summit, he has addressed our faculty and staff and most recently gave a memorable presentation to our inaugural Leadership Garrett County class, which was very well received by our attendees. I can always count on Master Rando to deliver hard-hitting advice that gives attendees specific, powerful takeaways that they can act on immediately after leaving the session. I highly recommend Master Rando…he’s amazing!”

Mr. Mike Tumbarello (Director, Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Garrett College)

“Maximizing Brand Partnerships”


Brand Leveraging at its Best – As every business can attest, branding is essential! Learn the importance and effectiveness of your brand, and how you can coordinate with larger, established companies for a greater impact through additional visibility. Learn concrete ways to acquire, maintain, and execute co-branding strategies that will pay immediate dividends via brand extension, acquiring new clients, and community presence.

“I was really impressed with how you have implemented your business management training into growing your business through improving your staff and focusing on customer relationships which ultimately resulted in a superior customer retention ratio than your industry norm. Your speech and the participating demonstration brought out more discussion and hands-on leadership training than anticipated!”

Mr. Carl Belt (President of the Belt Group of Companies)

“Kickstarting Championship Teamwork”

TEAM = Together, Everyone, Achieves More! This is a common acronym when describing a team’s overall purpose. But how do we get our team to continually move in the same direction, at the same speed, without losing quality or performance expectations? Simple: living to serve and serving to live. Master Rando delivers his 5 Tenants of Benchmark Teamwork through this 90-minute, audience immersive seminar. Based on the Chick-fil-A model of service excellence, your staff will learn how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of team members, further develop the group’s mission, advance corporate communication, and will learn the value of team synergy, through real-world examples and situational, “hands on” fun!

The seminar also ends with a symbolic board break by Master Rando himself, highlighting the necessity of detail and comprehensive service excellence.

“Master Rick Rando’s corporate teambuilding presentation was professional, well-organized, entertaining and empowering! We loved the board breaking! Allegany College of Maryland’s professional & administrative support staff is still talking about it to this day.”

Ms. Heather Grim (Coordinator of Workforce Development at Allegany College of Maryland)

“Building Your Disney Dojo”


After attending Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence at the Disney Institute in 2010, Master Rando was not only driven to take his businesses to the next level, but was inspired to make significant cultural and procedural changes to maximize staff development and service delivery. These changes included shifts in 5 key areas: creating a more collaborative culture, evaluating the assessment/improvement process, effectively utilizing benchmarking, the importance of hiring the right people, and instilling brand loyalty. This seminar highlights some of the takeaways implemented from the Disney Institute, allowing Master Rando to “plus” his award winning studio. He can do the same for your business!

“This seminar was extremely effective! The seminar made all of us work together when we never do…receptionists/technicians/doctors/etc. We were able to have fun together and realize that we are a TEAM with a common purpose!”

Amber Corwell (Employee of LaVale Veterinary Hospital)

“Maximizing The Senses – Upgrading Your Guest Experience”


Are you stimulating the five senses of your clients? Learn the importance and effectiveness of “Maximizing Brand Senses”, and how you can coordinate systems to facilitate one of a kind guest experiences for greater initial impact and higher customer retention. Connecting through all 5 senses is the only sure-fire way to bond with potential and existing customers.

“Coming from a corporate background, I’ve spent a lot of time reading and attending business seminars over the years. I’ve been in martial arts for well over 2 decades and it’s very refreshing to see that Master Rando knows exactly what today’s clients want and need!”

Mr. Robert Dallas (Owner of Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Frisco, TX)

“Customized Corporate TEAM Building”

For the past ten years, Master Rando has been “Kickstarting Confident Leaders” in his hometown community through Corporate TEAM Building experiences. In short, TEAM Building Seminars are tailored specifically to your business/institution. They’re designed to stimulate group interaction, inspire group creativity, and build loyal, goal-oriented corporate TEAM members. Organizations select a dynamic series of TEAM building challenges in which a number of hurdles are presented, forcing each TEAM to strategize, plan, and implement group action to overcome each obstacle. Every challenge is designed to build group camaraderie and execution, and to empower your TEAM members to overcome difficult personal challenges and perceived limitations. When each selected challenge is complete, Master Rando executes essential “debriefs” so the group can assess their efforts, learn from their mistakes, and apply real-time, business scenarios to their training. All this is done in an engaging and professional environment that facilitates collaboration among its participants and life-long, positive team achievement!

“We really didn’t know what to expect. We’re a bakery and not really the most physical bunch of people in terms of our work. Master Rick Rando is an incredible speaker. He is very motivating and makes you feel like you can do anything. By the end of 45 minutes, he had us breaking boards with karate chops with our hands and it was one of the most amazing things that we’ve ever done! It was awesome! We were all cheering each other on and by the end of the day we felt like we could break bricks with our heads. We were so proud of ourselves that we quickly loaded our pictures up on Facebook for everyone to see! The Kick Masters program is really extraordinary. They do so much for the community and I’m so glad that we connected with them.”

Ms. Mary Alice (Charm City Cakes, Baltimore, MD – Food Network’s: Ace of Cakes)

Business Entities I’ve Previously Worked With:

  • AARP of Allegany County – Chapter 2400
  • ACT 1st Federal Credit Union
  • AFS (American Field Service) – Foreign Exchange Group
  • A.I.M. (Adult Identity Mentoring Group)*
  • Allegany College*
  • Allegany County Childcare Professionals Association
  • Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission
  • Allegany County Retired Teachers Association*
  • Allegany County Shrine Club*
  • Allegany County Teachers FCU*
  • Alpha Delta Kappa Professional Women’s Sorority*
  • The Altoona Curves Baseball Organization*
  • The Belt Group
  • Calvary Christian Academy*
  • Century Martial Arts*
  • Charm City Cakes
  • Chick-fil-A at the Country Club Mall (Owned by Bill Boyer)
  • Cintas*
  • Columbia Gas/NiSource of Maryland
  • Columbia Gas/NiSource of Massachusetts
  • Columbia Gas/NiSource of Pennsylvania*
  • Columbia Gas/NiSource of Ohio
  • The Country Club Mall*
  • D.A.R.E. Graduation Programs*
  • DE-DC-MD and WV Associations of Student Financial Aid Administrators Conference
  • Family & Nursing Care*
  • First People’s Community Federal Credit Union*
  • Firm Foundations Home School Organization*
  • Flagship Rehab*
  • Fort Hill High School’s Business Department
  • Frostburg Soroptomist*
  • Frostburg State University*
  • Garrett College*
  • Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Garrett County Health Department
  • Greater Grantsville Business Association*
  • Hagerstown Community College
  • Hunter Douglas
  • LaVale United Methodist Church*
  • LaVale Veterinary Hospital, LLC
  • Leadership Garrett*
  • Martial Arts Industry Association*
  • Maryland Salem Children’s Trust*
  • Maryland State Highway Administration
  • Meyersdale School Board*
  • Mountain Ridge High School*
  • NCRC (National Community Reinvestment Coalition)
  • NiSource (Fortune 500 Company)*
  • Partners in Personal Care
  • Pennsylvania Association of Senior Centers
  • San Mar Children’s Home
  • Service Coordination and DDA Western Region Office
  • Somerset Trust Company*
  • The Boy Scouts*
  • The Girl Scouts*
  • The March of Dimes*
  • The Martial Arts Supershow*
  • The PharmaCare Network
  • The Queen City Hoops Academy
  • UPMC Western Maryland *
  • Western Maryland Chapter of the Maryland Credit Union League
  • Western Allegany Kiwanis Club*
  • West Virginia Directors of Senior and Community Services
  • West Virginia Floodplain Management Association
  • West Virginia Health Care Association

* Proudly worked with multiple times!