Daily Takeaway

  • “YOU WANT = YOU WORK…PERIOD!” – Master Rick Rando

Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Master Rick Rando

  • 1.   25+ Years of Experience connecting with audiences domestically and internationally.
  • 2.   Impactful Story Teller which drives key points home on an emotional level.
  • 3.   Extremely Versatile inspiring audiences from elementary school children to executives.
  • 4.   Able to Inspire even the most unmotivated individual with a positive message.
  • 5.   Highly Energetic which fires-up the audience from humorous and insightful keynotes.
  • 6.   Customized Presentations which follow research of your industry and audience.
  • 7.   Fast Moving, Rapid-fire Presentations full of practical solutions through life perspective.
  • 8.   Immerses your Guests in visually appealing and highly interactive presentations.
  • 9.   Passionately Facilitates audience breakthroughs through humble self-reflection.
  • 10. Exceeds Expectations and always finds a way to over-deliver.