Daily Takeaway

  • “Be mindful of what you say and do. Be mindful of how you act and where you go. Behave like someone is always watching. Most of the time, they are and you don’t even know it!” – Master Rick Rando

Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Master Rick Rando

  • 1.   25+ Years of Experience connecting with audiences domestically and internationally.
  • 2.   Impactful Story Teller which drives key points home on an emotional level.
  • 3.   Extremely Versatile inspiring audiences from elementary school children to executives.
  • 4.   Able to Inspire even the most unmotivated individual with a positive message.
  • 5.   Highly Energetic which fires-up the audience from humorous and insightful keynotes.
  • 6.   Customized Presentations which follow research of your industry and audience.
  • 7.   Fast Moving, Rapid-fire Presentations full of practical solutions through life perspective.
  • 8.   Immerses your Guests in visually appealing and highly interactive presentations.
  • 9.   Passionately Facilitates audience breakthroughs through humble self-reflection.
  • 10. Exceeds Expectations and always finds a way to over-deliver.