School Guidance Counselor

“We were thrilled to have Master Rando get our students pumped up to be successful. He shared the 5 success keys in a humorous and energetic way that got the kids attentions and kept their attention. We often talk about the same themes and similar concepts, but it’s nice to have someone come in and give real life examples and expectations in society. When I went to classes over the past couple of days I had the kids recall the 5 keys and even the Kindergarten students could remember them. The most fun one to practice is ‘Level 10.’ I don’t think they’ll ever forget that one, and I’ll have fun with that for years while also getting students to sit up and be prepared to learn. The kids mentioned that they thought the story about an impolite friend’s visit to Master Rando’s house when he was young was super funny. They want to see a photo of his bald mother (ha, ha, ha…how creative this man is!). I would recommend Master Rando’s program to get a school energized to make good choices and I may see if he can help with a school kick-off one year. I like the idea of getting students motivated to say ‘I CAN’ and he has a program that emphasizes that point.”