School Guidance Counselor

“Master Rando has participated in various different events at Westernport Elementary in the last 10 years. No matter what the topic, Master Rando always sends a positive message and is able to connect with our students. Rick is extremely personable and he has a wonderful sense of humor that kids respond to. He’s able to tailor his message to any age group. After each program, our students would continue to talk about Master Rando and the impact his message had on them. Master Rando always sends a message of self-empowerment. His main goal, no matter what program he engages in, is to teach self-confidence and to build children’s self-esteem. The truth of the matter is that Master Rando is a wonderful teacher and he has a natural way of making people feel comfortable in his presence. During his presentations, people want to participate and become involved; when that level of student enthusiasm occurs, real learning takes place. I personally believe Master Rando has students’ best interest in minds and truly cares about our community’s future.”